Search for help #8

Looking for a way to open your application's help file to it's search window? All you have to do is pass the name (and the path) of your help file and the string you want to search for to the following HelpSearch() function:

procedure HelpSearch(sHelpFName, sSearchKey: string);
  pc: PChar;
  Application.HelpFile := sHelpFName;
  pc := StrAlloc(Length(sSearchKey) + 1);
  StrPCopy(pc, sSearchKey);
  Application.HelpCommand(HELP_PARTIALKEY, LongInt(pc));

For example:

HelpSearch('DELPHI.HLP', 'colors');

If you just want to open the "search" window without specifying a search string:

HelpSearch('DELPHI.HLP', '');
Author: Unknown
Added: 2007/06/02
Last updated: 2007/06/02