File Open/Save Common Dialog Control IDs #70

If you want to customise a common file / save dialog box, you may need to know the identifiers of the various controls in the dialog box. They are listed in the table below. You particularly need to know the stc32 control id if you are adding further controls.

File Open/Save Common Control Dialog Identifiers
Control Identifier Control Description
cmb2 Drop-down combo box that displays the current drive or folder and allows the user to select a drive or folder to open.
stc4 Label for the cmb2 combo box.
lst1 List box that displays the contents of the current drive or folder.
stc1 Label for the lst list box.
edt1 Edit control that displays the name of the current file, or in which the user can type the name of the file to open. But see cmb13 below.
cmb13 Combo box that displays name of current file, or in which user can type name of file to open (may be used instead of edt1).
stc3 Label for the edt1 edit control.
cmb1 Drop-down combo box that displays the list of file type filters.
stc2 Label for the cmb1 combo box.
chx1 The read-only check box.
IDOK The OK command button (push button).
IDCANCEL The Cancel command button (push button).
pshHelp The Help command button (push button).
stc32 Special static text control included in customisation template.

The control identifiers in the left hand column can be found in Delphi's Dlgs and Windows units.

Author: Peter Johnson
Contributor: Peter Johnson
Added: 2009/04/26
Last updated: 2009/04/26