How to blend two pf24bit images using ScanLine #147

Does anyone know how to implement basic alphablending without using Win2000 AlphaBlend function? I am trying to write a simple graphics program that will perform some alphablending on Win95 and Win98, but I don't know the necessary steps.

Here's a method of blending two bitmaps. It uses 24-bit bitmaps and scanlines, so only works with D3 or higher. It assumes that variable b, a TBitmap, has pixelformat pf24bit.

type  {for scanline access to 24-bit bitmaps}
  TRGBArray = Array[0..32767] of TRGBTriple;
  pRGBArray = ^TRGBArray;

Gradient is one bitmap, b is the other. Amount is the percentage of the Gradient image to blend with b. tBufr is an existing TBitmap that's used internally for operations. b is the original bitmap. tBufr is sized to match b and Gradient is stretched into it for this operation. All bitmaps are created and freed elsewhere!

procedure TForm1.MergeGradient(Amount: integer);
  pb, pc: pRGBArray;
  x, y: integer;
  GrdPct: Single;
  ImgPct: Single;
  Screen.Cursor := crHourGlass;
  GrdPct := Amount / 100;
  ImgPct := 1 - GrdPct;
  tBufr.Width := b.Width;
  tBufr.Height := b.Height;
  tBufr.PixelFormat := pf24bit;
    Rect(0, 0, tBufr.Width, tBufr.Height), Gradient
  for x := 0 to tBufr.Height-1 do
    pb := tBufr.ScanLine[x];
    pc := b.ScanLine[x];
  for y := 0 to tBufr.Width - 1 do
    pb[y].rgbtRed := Round(
      pb[y].rgbtRed * GrdPct + pc[y].rgbtRed * ImgPct
    pb[y].rgbtBlue := Round(
      pb[y].rgbtBlue * GrdPct + pc[y].rgbtBlue * ImgPct
    pb[y].rgbtGreen := Round(
      pb[y].rgbtGreen * GrdPct + pc[y].rgbtGreen * ImgPct
  Screen.Cursor := crDefault;
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Author: Harm
Added: 2009/11/06
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